Chocolate Covered Donut mmm... forbidden doughnut
ariana 20 toronto.

majoring in french horn performance with a minor in cats. nerdthusiast and captain kirk wannabe. i think daleks are adorable.

watch how i soar.
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As Deborah Rhode describes, “When 1,100 Michigan elementary students were asked to describe what life would be like if they were the opposite sex, over 40 percent of the girls saw advantages to being male; they would have better jobs, higher incomes, and more respect. Ninety-five percent of the boys saw no advantage to being female, and a substantial number thought suicide would be preferable.”


and this is for all the white people that think it’s okay to say nigga



peopl who say classical music is boring don’t know how boring pop music is from a sheet music point of view

this is so important to me

  • Cop Apologists: Darren Wilson is just one cop! Other cops aren't Darren Wilson!
  • Other Cops: *wearing "I Am Darren Wilson" bracelets*


i know i want that ogre filling inside of me

Twin Peaks - Study (x)

- Characters - Laura Palmer

I’m gone. Long gone. Like a turkey in the corn”

No Hate