ariana 20 toronto.

majoring in french horn performance with a minor in cats. nerdthusiast and captain kirk wannabe. i think daleks are adorable.

watch how i soar.

russian composers

how is it that one country produces stravinsky, shostakovich, stravinksy, moussourgsky, tchaikovsky, stravinsky,rimsy korsakov, rachmanioff, and shostakovich and stravinsky

thats just not fair.

i need to know their secret.

for goodness sakes half of fantasia wouldnt exist if it werent for the russians, and if it were’nt for stalins attack on/censorship of artists there would be even more freaking amazing russian composers gah i dont even jlkhgfskajlfhflwefi;oihfsdv

gah the germans have more than their fair share to but im not even gonna get into that

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